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Squirrels rip into roofs to access attics.
Our Delaware Squirrel Removal's damage repairs team repair fascia due to squirrels wanting into attics.
Delaware Squirrel Removal's damage repairs team confront roof damage done by gnawing squirrels
Delaware Squirrel Removal's damage repairs team face winter challenges on roofs.

Delaware Squirrel Removal Provides Professional Carpentry Skills For

Squirrel Damage Repairs

After Delaware Squirrel Removal’s Exclusion Trapping team gets all the squirrels out of your home, there usually remains some residual damage that our Damage Repairs carpentry team must address. When confronted with the subsequent damage caused by a squirrel or colony of squirrels, our excellent damage repair carpenter’s capabilities include restoring structural damage to your roof, soffits, fascia, eaves, vents, walls, ceilings, and vents in your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. This process includes repairing any openings which stop any future squirrel invasions.

As we examine your home after removing squirrels, we’ll find air duct material and insulation around your building’s pipes ripped or shredded. Also, squirrels are notorious for tearing apart insulation backing. But, the most dangerous type of squirrel damage repairs comes in the form of gnawed live electrical wiring, which has killed more than a few squirrels, knocked out power to a home, and has the potential to start a fire.

It’s Getting Chilly In Ohio, And Squirrels, And Other Wildlife As Well, Are Seeking Out Flaws In Your Home So They Can Go in And Safeguard Themselves From The Weather And Predators. Be Preemptive And Have Our Squirrel Experts Do A Comprehensive Home Inspection And Avoid The Wintertime Hassles You’ll Experience If You Get A Home Squirrel Invasion!

Our squirrel damage repair crews address damage to ceilings that squirrels have ripped through and to walls which squirrels get caught in and must gnaw through to escape. Then there is roof damage when squirrels tear up loose shingles above rotting roof wood, damage to soffits and eaves poorly constructed, or rotting from years of weathering.

And last but not least, our squirrel damage repair crews have seen horrific damage to attics. Attic repairs cost homeowners thousands of dollars for insulation removal, decontamination, deodorizing, and insulation replacement.

Lucky for you, our squirrel damage repair carpenters provide complete household and commercial squirrel damage repair roofs, attics, garages, sheds, basements, porches, crawl spaces, chimneys, and more.

Delaware Squirrel Removal suggests you contact your insurance company regarding your coverage regarding rodent damage since we may be able to work with your insurance saving you hundreds of dollars. But keep in mind that most insurance companies have clauses that state they will not cover wildlife damage though yours may be the exception to the rule.

Our Squirrel Damage Repair Team Address These 6 Areas Of  A Home/Building After A Squirrel Invasion

Squirrels destroy the inside and outside of homes and buildings. In addition, once squirrels get into your buildings, they are vectors for diseases and transport fleas and ticks throughout the structure.

If you are so unfortunate that a colony of flying squirrels invades your attic, you would be shocked at the amount of urine and feces they leave, contaminating insulation and wood, creating an unhealthy environment.

Delaware Squirrel Removal, a Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Central  Division, is your go-to company for all your squirrel damage repairs. Just give us a call at  (844) 544-9453 or (844) 544-7378 and one of our friendly helpful office assistants will address any of your concerns.

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Delaware Squirrel Removal Provides Squirrel Damage Repairs For The Cities Of Ashley, DelawareGalena, Kilbourne, Ostrander, Powell, Randor, Shawnee Hills, And Sunbury.

Soffits Need Squirrel Damage Repairs

Take a moment and examine the graphic to the right(desktop) or bottom(mobile). The soffit is a piece of material, either wood, metal, or plastic, parallel to the ground and extends from the fascia to the outdoors wall. The soffit covers the eave, which is an area under the part of the overhanging roof. The role of a soffit is to move air through the attic, which keeps the attic and roof ventilated.

A poorly built soffit sags or becomes separated from weather conditions, time, or inferior fitting. A squirrel can get access to your home through an improperly constructed soffit. A squirrel has strong paws, and if it can grab anything below the soffit, it is not difficult for them to bend, unwrap from the wall, or rip off entirely.

If a squirrel can lay open a soffit, it will go up into the eave area to build a nest or find a way into the attic through gaps in the eave. And if a pregnant squirrel manages to get into your attic or, worse, a colony of flying squirrels, then the destruction starts.

Rest assured, our damage repairs team will replace or fix any poorly constructed or damaged soffits once we remove these unwanted pests.

Soffits often need repair by Delaware Squirrel Removal's damage repairs experts


Fascia rots with time if not made from pressure-treated wood. Squirrels quickly get through rotted fascia wood, allowing them access into eaves. A squirrel’s sharp teeth can easily chew through this type of wood, or it can use its sharp claws to tear its way through the rotted wood.

Our damage repairs team often discovers the rot occurred due to water coming from faulty gutters attached to the fascia boards. Well-designed gutters direct water into the gutter channels and not into the fascia boards behind the gutter. Once water continually hits the area behind the gutters, that water can begin the rotting damage that even water can start flowing inside your walls.

Once the rot sets into the fascia board, making it soft, a squirrel can easily tear into the fascia’s rotting part. And soon, if a squirrel doesn’t make it through, gutters fall off since the rotting board can’t support the weight of the gutters.

If you call our squirrel damage repairs team to examine your home, they assess all potential fascia concerns. Our damage repairs carpenters offer you various choices to get correctly fitted fascia boards that will avoid unwanted squirrel guests.

Vents Need Squirrel Damage Repairs

There are many types of vents on the outside of your home through which squirrels can enter. Squirrels looking for entry into your home explore vents that can provide easy access into your home. Though roof vents are vital for delivering proper airflow out of your home and buildings, they allow squirrels entrance if a vent weakness exists.

Warm air coming from a vent during cooler weather lures squirrels towards the vent, and the squirrel could try entering the vent. If a squirrel, particularly a pregnant female, desires security and relief from the weather, it is strong enough to rip or chew through ordinary vents.

Vent manufacturers construct most vents from aluminum or plastic, and squirrels can make their way through these vents even when correctly mounted with no damage. But, damaged or inadequately installed vents make a squirrel’s break-in easier.

Delaware Squirrel Removal’s highly trained, licensed, and insured squirrel damage repairs carpenters inspect your home searching for possible access points at ridge vents, off ridge vents, box vents, soffit vents, gable vents, and more.

Delaware Squirrel Removal's damage repairs pros check all your vents for weaknesses and damage.

ROOFS Need Squirrel Damage Repairs

People call us regularly, asking us how they can keep squirrels off their roof. The answer we give them is simple and to the point, “You can’t.” Fortunately, as a homeowner, you can significantly lessen the risk, so you don’t incur hundreds of dollars in roof repairs. Our squirrel damage repairs experts suggest some actions you can take:

  1. Keep trees trimmed around your home so these furry rodents don’t have an easy jump from neighboring trees to your rooftop.
  2. Also, keep vines and other tall plants next to your home’s short, so squirrels can’t use them for their mountaineering expeditions to your roof.

Squirrels have very sharp teeth and claws, and once they gain access to your roof, they will gnaw and dig out holes, allowing them access. Chewing through rotten shingles is no challenge for a squirrel, especially if the roof has vulnerable rotted wood into which a squirrel can gnaw.

People call us saying there are so many squirrels on their roofs in some areas of Delaware County, Ohio, they request we replace their shingles with metal roofing to prevent squirrels from digging through their roofs. Of course, we can set up replacing your shingles with a metal roof, but we think that’s unnecessary and we’d like to save you money for what’s important.

Set up an assessment with one of our excellent squirrel damage repairs techs, and they will assist you in choosing the ideal and most cost-effective tactic for making your roof squirrel-proofed.

Roof damage repairs are not uncommon in Delaware County Ohio.

ATTICS need Squirrel Damage Repairs

The worse squirrels problems occur when a pregnant squirrel or colony of flying squirrels gains access to your attic. In a short period, squirrels turn attics upside down, creating all manner including potential health risks that can impact you, your family, and even your pets.

Squirrels prefer living inside an attic given the warmer temperatures given the chilly Delaware County, Ohio winter. Rather than living outside, a squirrel or colony stays dry, secure from predators, and shielded from cold weather. Also, having access to the outside, squirrels take exploratory trips to locate water and often access food left outside for pets or uncovered trash cans.

A female squirrel likes a secure and enclosed attic where it can birth and raise its kittens. And once the babies are born, expect a great deal of crying with their soft high pitched chirping when they are not sleeping and when mommy squirrel “speaks” to her babies.

Once in your attic, squirrels make a mess in many ways. Droppings, urine, mold, bacteria, viruses, fleas, ticks, and mites come with a squirrel invasion. Squirrel feces can contain bacteria and viruses known to cause health issues. It would be best to stay clear of an attic area infested with large amounts of squirrel feces and urine. Please, for your safety, let our attic damage repairs specialist address the issue.

Squirrel feces and urine spread throughout your attic is just the beginning of the possible destruction. Squirrels gnaw electrical wiring, electrocuting themselves or stripping the insulating wiring creating a potential fire hazard. Chewing apart heating and cooling ducts and tearing up insulation for nesting material add to the cost of repairs after removing your squirrel problems.

Removing a squirrel can demand specialized skills, especially if a mother is protecting its kits or you are facing a colony of flying squirrels. We suggest calling our licensed and insured squirrel damage repairs professionals at (844) 544-9453 or (844) 544-7378.

Our Delaware county Ohio damage repairs team can repair any insulation boarding throughout your home.
Our Delaware County Ohio squirrel damage repairs carpenters repair insulation around ducts in crawl spaces and attics on a regular basis.

Delaware Squirrel Removal’s Damage Repairs Team Has 100’s Of Satisfied Customers

“I had squirrels in my attic and a bird in a side vent. After extensive online research I chose Buckeye Wildlife because they were a smaller company and had great reviews. Believe the reviews, folks. This is a company that seems to value its customers over a quick buck. Louis was my tech. He was not only immediately likeable, but communicated his process, findings (including pics) and expectations of the project as he completed his inspection.

When he returned to install the traps, he continued to talk through his process and educate me a bit. Instead of trying to run up the bill, Louis found ways to save me money. I am extremely satisfied and happy with the results. My squirrels are gone, and the hole was patched. The bird is gone, and a new vent cover will prevent future nesting. It is obvious that the owner of Buckeye Wildlife realizes that his employees are his greatest asset. I cannot recommend them more highly and I will not use anyone else should the need arise.”

Todd Evans

Squirrels Are NOT Are Only Specialty We Handle All Types Of Wildlife Problems – We Are Known As The Bat Masters

“I called Buckeye Wildlife Solutions because I had bats living behind some shutters on my home that were creating a mess on my front doorstep. Jake confirmed the problem, inspected the other windows on our property and reviewed our very limited options. He came back within three days and removed the shutters from the window where the bats were living. The bats flew away to find a new place to live!

Jake was professional, knowledgeable and kind. No bats were harmed, my front stoop will no longer have droppings all over it and I actually think the window looks better without the shutters! Thanks Buckeye Wildlife!”

Debne Marlette

Need Bee, Hornet, or Wasp Help. Delaware Squirrel Removal Knows How To Remove All  Types Of Stinging Insects.

“Excellent customer service still exists! Zach from Buckeye Wildlife Solutions was extremely professional and courteous when assisting with the removal of yellow jackets that had invaded the siding of our home. Working diligently despite the rain, he was quick and efficient and such a gentleman, even offering to bring up my trash cans for me (I’m 8 months pregnant).

While I hope I don’t have to use their services again, I’m confident should I need them, they will be the company I choose.

Thank you!!!”

Dani K.


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