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Winter Flying Squirrels

Winter Flying Squirrels

by | Dec 10, 2021 | All Things Squirrel Related

Sounds In The Attic? Might Be Those Crazy Winter Flying Squirrels!

Those pesky Winter Flying Squirrels don’t hibernate during Ohio’s winters, so they can cause problems for 100’s of Greater Delaware, Ohio homeowners. So, as winter approaches and temperatures begin to fall flying squirrels start entering Ohio homes. And, more often than not, winter flying squirrels end up in attics though they will also collect in external walls and between floors, gathering insulation as nesting material.

Unlike Summer Flying Squirrels that live outside, winter flying squirrels search out openings in homes so they can keep the winter chill off. These little break-in artists can get through a gap the size of a nickel, and believe it or not, you probably have several places in your buildings that are vulnerable to an invasion of winter flying squirrels.

Flying squirrels locate entrance holes in your home around dormers, ridge vents, eaves, attic vents, but they also have the ability to chew through all types of materials including metal.

Got you! This little guy was part of a colony of Winter Flying Squirrels.

Winter Flying Squirrels Love Living Together In Large Numbers, And That’s A Problem!

During Ohio’s winters, Winter flying squirrels gather together in numbers to share the same living quarters. Our squirrel removal experts often find Delaware, Ohio attics are dens for up to 12 or more squirrels. Winter Flying Squirrels find great comfort gathering together for warmth, especially when they can bundle up in some comfy attic insulation.

Winter flying squirrels are incredibly active at night and love playing together. Extremely social by nature, these squirrels’ lively, playful nighttime behaviors give them away. Homeowners with winter flying squirrels hear them darting around in the attic or will hear the thud of a flyer landing on the roof followed by running along the roof as it comes and goes late at night. And when a colony of these little squirrels manages to get into your nice warm attic, get ready for some sleepless nights.

Winter Flying Squirrels generally gather in colonies in Delaware, Ohio attics.

The activity of winter flying squirrels is not limited to playful scurrying and scratching noises. You may hear short high pitched birdlike chirping and twittering sounds when they are playing, fighting, or generally communicating with each other.

Flying Squirrels May Be Cute But They Are Highly Destructive As A Colony

When winter flying squirrels come in as a colony, they gnaw and chew on wood, electrical wiring, and rip and tear insulation. Flying squirrels can also chew through nearly any building material, even though they are little critters. When winter flying squirrels want into a building, they are persistent and can chew through wooden beams, drywall, plastic, and, yes, cinder blocks.

When winter flying squirrels move into a Delaware, Ohio attic, they create an unhealthy mess with their urine and feces. Flying squirrel defecation occurs in one area of an attic, knee wall, or soffit where they make a communal bathroom. Once the flyers “fill” that latrine, the colony will move to another spot and begin the process again. These piles can be so large and moist that they can drip through drywall and cracks in flooring, making a mess on ceilings and walls in living quarters and producing unhealthy living conditions.

Flying Squirrels can chew their way through wood, plastic, metal and even cement!
A colony of Winter Flying Squirrels can turn your attic into a nasty latrine creating unhealthy conditions in your home.

So You Think Your Delaware Ohio Home May Have Winter Flying Squirrels

When Delaware Squirrel Removal gets a call from home or business owners to inspect for winter flying squirrels, we will examine a building inside and out. We’ll check the roofline for gnaw marks, entry points, and droppings. Once inside a building, our flying squirrel removal experts will be searching for droppings, tracks, nest activity, sounds, and actual squirrel sightings. We may employ cameras to check walls and flooring. In the end, we will find your winter flying squirrels if they are in your home or buildings and humanely remove them.

We’ll prevent them from reentering your buildings by performing structural exclusion methods such as metal flashing or metal mesh to cover any entry points. We must also seal all cracks, holes, crevices, nooks, crannies, and gaps since, as we stated above, flyers can make their way through the smallest of openings.

Act now, and don’t wait if you think winter flying squirrels have made their way into your home or buildings. Call Delaware Squirrel Removal for a flying squirrel inspection at (844) 544-9453 or fill out our form at our contact page and ask for an inspection.